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Nuts for Coconut

NEXT UP: Coconut Oil! Who cares about coconut oil? Glad you asked. While it’s trendy and may be old news for your hair and skin DIY’s, did you know just how many health benefits there are? It’s amazing how much information one book nerd can amass in 8 years of research and practice: Coconut oil has properties with a massive range of health benefits, despite it’s “saturated fat therefore bad fat” status back in the 90’s. Now we know better: coconut oil lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, acts as an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory, benefits the gut microbiome, does NOT increase the “bad cholesterol”, AND, as one of the only oils not requiring bile to be absorbed, it can help to maintain ene

Why Japanese Acupuncture?

KMS acupuncture allows for a more gentle experience yet very effective compared to a traditional Chinese style of needling. Both styles trea

#AcuPoints: The Breakdown for the Average Jo/anne

In my acupuncture clinic and my life, I often struggle with explaining the how and why of Chinese Medicine, and I see the same problem all around me. The language is part of the problem; as practitioners we learn esoteric terms like qi, yin, yang, and wind in school which are more than just another language; they involve another way of thinking. This may not pose a problem for the open-minded west-coast crowd with a background in chakra clearing and shamanic journeys, but others see acupuncture as pseudoscience and want to see the evidence. To compound the problem, while some of us are trained in the sciences, many don't speak that language either; we don't all have 8 years of postsecondary


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