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The Next Phase

Well hello readers! I'm pretty new at this whole blog thing, but usuuaaalllly, I actually have a lot to say! And so, I'm embarking on a commitment to semi-regularly-but-mostly-randomly share with you my thoughts, feelings and knowledge bites on health, wellness, and life-related topics--and to keep ya'll in the loop on what's going on with my practice with Black Spruce Acupuncture (and yes I've returned from Texas).

In recent news: I've returned from the Wild Carribbean Adventure working aboard the oh-so-magical Carnival Freedom! And I'm returning home with a whole big bunch of hands-on experience, a penchant for the power of webinars and social media to stay connected, an appreciation for the vital west coast culture and nature, a profound gratitude for fast-sped internet, and a renewed passion for spreading this ancient and beautiful medicine.

In the coming months you'll find me promoting Black Spruce Acupuncture out of a brand new and beautiful treatment space (as shown), heading back to school to the complete the doctorate to better serve you in the herbal and supplemental areas, and continuing studies in the Kiiko Matsumoto style of acupuncture.

Stay tuned for postings on events I'll be attending!

Yours in Health,

Alix Jean