Japanese Acupuncture

Gentle, safe, effective treatment

Japanese Meridian Therapy involves the use of a gentle and pain-free needle technique, which is minimally invasive compared with a traditional Chinese technique, or with intramuscular stimulation (IMS). As practitioners, we use 'hara diagnosis'--palpation of the abdominal and thoracic areas--as well as palpating the neck, the limbs, and the back to assess the inner workings of the body which reflect through the connective tissue. 

Gua Sha and Tui Na

Healing with the power of touch

"Gua sha" is the Mandarin translation for "scraping redness", a technique of releasing fascial tissue and creating minute tears in the tissue to stimulate local inflammation, blood flow and healing in an area of tightness. Most people find this provides great relief of their tension and soreness and speeds recovery from injury. "Tui Na" translates as "pushing-pulling" and is a vigorous style of massage for similar effect.

Chinese Fire Cupping

Detox and Renew

This often-requested technique feels like a pressure-valve release. It acts to increase blood flow like a deep tissue massage, but creates suction on the tissue instead of pressure. Cupping is often done on the back or large body areas. It works by using a flame to suction the glass to the skin, and gliding the cup along tight muscles with massage oil. Similar to gua sha, it feels very relaxing for most people but can leave petechiae, (i.e. tiny purple dots on the skin) for a few days. Opt for another treatment technique if it's swimsuit/wedding season and you don't want to look like you got a massage from an octopus!

Treatments contain a combination of any or all of the above therapies as your case requires. Acupuncture and related therapies are covered by most extended medical plans. 

Alix is proudly working out of a new location within the Station Wellness Collective in the Westshore, and on evenings/weekends out of her backyard studio in James Bay, Victoria. She is board certified by the CTCMA, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Direct billing is available for most major medical plans, though not guaranteed.



Heat Therapy/Moxibustion

Nourishing your body

Feeling like your body is depleted? Moxibustion, or infrared heat therapy, will gently nourish and put your body at ease. Moxibustion is the practice of burning a herb, moxa, commonly known as mugwort in English or artemisia vulgaris in Latin. In Chinese medicine, this herb is burned over the acupoints to encourage blood flow, stimulate white blood cell production, or as we say, "move qi". In Chinese medicine the name for acupuncture is "zhen jiu", which translates as "needle-moxa". Basically, moxa is the vital second half to acupuncture treatment. It is very gentle, warming and nourishing, with the soothing sensation of an infra-red sauna but local to specific areas of pain or tension.

Initial (75 min) 

45 Minute Treatment        

60 Minute Treatment


Facial Rejuvenation

(10-session series recommended, package rates available)